Cashew Biscuits - 100 g

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The perfect combination of soft French shortbread and nutty cashew will be experienced with every bite. This box of Cashew biscuits from household name Lady Joseph takes French biscuits making to a whole new level. Traditional and artisanal methods are still used to make each piece, giving it the authentic French shortbread cookies flavor the entire world loves.

Dating back in 1928, Lady Josephine Bernaud has invited travelers from all over the world into her tea and pastries shop for a taste of her artisanally baked treats. We’re offering you the same heavenly experience with each box of these cashew biscuits from the brand who still follows the traditional methods they used back then.

  • Artisan crafted.
  • Delicious with coffee or tea.
  • Palm oil free
  • Net weight: 3.5oz (100g).
  • Product of Spain

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