Borlotti Beans - 284ml

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A big shout-out to all the fitness aficionados out there! You cannot say no to this Borlotti Beans from Della Nona. For more than three decades, "Le Conserve Della Nonna", located near Modena, Italy, has made a name for itself both in Italy and across the world by producing traditional, all-natural, high-quality Italian food. They pride themselves on the simplicity of their recipes, respect for seasonality, and the use of freshly processed raw materials. It is what gives their products a natural homemade flavor. Cooked in water, it is free from all artificial preservatives. It is a traditional ingredient for soups and broths. You can also add it to your salads and casseroles for a twist! Healthy and tasty, its the right time to spill the Borlotti beans!

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