Espresso and gelato bar with Gusto.

There is something comforting about the aroma of delicious espresso wafting through the air. Whether your pleasure is a perfectly drawn espresso or a soothing, silky cappuccino, few things bring as much pleasure as the wonderful crema of an espresso made to order. Pair your beverage with a delicious offering from our bakery… Maybe a biscotti or cannoli?

Treat yourself to a gelato! Our wonderfully refreshing flavours are steeped in tradition and combine our passion for authentic ingredients and the artisanal techniques of an Italian gelateria.

Cafe Hours

8am - 4pm

Our Bakery: Rustico!

Nothing says Italia better than a tantalizing selection of rustic breads made with quality organic grains. With its beautiful presentation, intoxicating aroma, and freshly baked taste, our breads could be the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

The bakery also tempts us with traditional pastries and and desserts like cannoli, biscotti, bombolone and tiramisu. Each selection, from seasonal fruit crostadas to delicate ameretti to the freshly made cakes, all reside here. All these irresistible pastries are hand crafted with top quality ingredients and made with love.
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